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Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY vertical mug holder

After receiving some awesome dish sets from my bridal shower I realized I didn't have any more cupboard space for all my new mugs plus my old ones!  I browsed on Amazon and freaked out!  This is what I found:
Designer White Coffee Cup Holder
They want $25.99 for this thing.  Seriously?!  The concept is so simple and I knew right off the bat it would not cost near thirty bucks to make something similar.  So thus my day project was born.

  • MDF or scrap wood
  • cabinet pulls
  • long screws
  • dry wall anchors
  • staple gun
  • fabric or paint
  • drill
I have to admit I started on this project before really thinking things through.  My honey had to help me out and actually did most of the fine tuning.  Basically this is what happened...

  • We measured how the mugs would hang (about 7 inches apart, my ducky mug has a pretty big beak)
  • Drilled holes
  • Tried to spray paint the pieces (I got impatient)
  • Changed our minds and covered the pieces with some left over fabric using a staple gun (so handy)
  • Had to hunt for our pre-drilled holes through the fabric again
  • Put the cabinet pulls on
  • Used really long screws with the heads cut off to anchor the whole thing to wall anchors in the dry wall.  The long screws started off attached to the cabinet pulls then we had to pass the screws threw the wood into the wall anchors. 2 per piece.
My honey drilling

Spray painted

Got impatient and covered with fabric instead

Staple gun to the rescue!

Marking where the pre-drilled holes are

Blue wondering what the heck is going on

Dinner break from Popeyes (my first time having it)!

Hung right above the amazing Keurig coffee maker :)

Cabinet pulls only cost a few dollars a piece

More storage for more mugs :)
And it only cost me maybe $10-$15 for both.  The whole project only took about 2 hours at max.  I'm so happy with the result and savings :)


  1. Such a good idea! And saved some money too while you were at it! And love the hanging plan thingy from the melrose trading post

  2. you rock!! LOVE them! they are definitely better than the ones on amazon. and the knobs on them is brilliant! aww ducky mug :)